Kurt Näslund
StageWorks is Kurt Näslunds single-person business. StageWorks has been involved in the music, theatre  and event-business for over 20 years.


Provide excellent lighting- and management solutions for the music industry, both in Norway and other countries
Look into other markeds as film, video and related tools that can compliment our services.

The company was founded january 23rd 1998 in Trondheim, Norway. This was a necessity since the work-load by then had increased to become a full time job.The main focus has always been visuals, technology, management and touring. Through the years, the company has been a bit on and of, since other long-time projects has required extended focus.
In 2009 the company re-launched, this time in the beautiful mountain town of Røros, Norway. With easy access to airport etc, this was a nice mix between a laid back environment and busy work schedules around Norway etc.The services and products are still mainly focused around lighting design, programing and project management. Tour management/project management is also a service offered.
After being in the technology- and media business for a few years, moviemaking, film-editing and visuals on another level has become a part of the business as well.
In 2014 and 2015 my other company, Frontal Media, has invested heavily in equipment from RED, Blackmagic Design and DJI (amongst others).
MA Lighting`s Commandwing system is included in a complete touring- and programingsuite that is being offered as rental for other clients, but also the main tool for developing projects for Stageworks.


The last couple of years has been busy, working with artist like Patti Smith, Morten Harket, Marion Ravn, Kurt Nilsen and Silya


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Kurt Näslund

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