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Programing the theatre shows

These days its all about programing the theatre shows in september, which also leads up to our two shows in Russia in October.

Programing the theatre shows with MAC Viper AirFXThe main plan and technical rider for my sake consist still of Martin Professional fixtures. I am going to work a lot with the
Viper AirFX-fixture this time, utilizing both its capabilities as a wash, profile and beam. The overall plan is to use a selection of these as floor lights in between backline and such.

I am also going to use Martin RUSH Par-2 in this floor-package. This is to have the possibility to both wash backline and different parts of the stage with a less hard lighting source, but at the same time have a large palette of colours to choose from.

Yes, I am pretty satisfied with the Martin Professional products, no doubt about that.

My mixer of choice is still MA Lighting`s MA onPC Command-wing. Its a great plattform both for pre-programing and to execute the shows from. Its small size is also perfect for traveling.

Large image is taken by Anne-Marie Forker at Grovasætra last weekend. This was the final show with the festival-setup also.

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